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Our story...

One look at the title and some may consider a .. Peter Pan, flying ship reference.. but we unfortunately developed this completely disenchanted. Damn the Luck.


It was the 2010 holiday gathering of the Heymons families. We were winding down from the prior day’s festivities, sitting idly around the dining table. There, on the table, were a couple of drink coasters, with the tell tale skull and cross bones.  Leave it to someone to pick one up then fling it across the room.




“You’ll shoot your eyes out”

(special thanks to “A Christmas Story”)




The Captain, First Mate and Vamp are lobbing table mats. It wasn’t until Mamasita come strolling in that it shall be designated. She chuckled and said “Flying Pirates”. “That would be great for a tee shirt”, declared the Firstmate. But the Captain foresaw a larger sphere of influence, and with a little help from free Google® Apps and a gift card, we hereby proclaim flyingpirates.net.

What is your sea story of inspiration?


Share your tale……or walk the plank! Be sure to avoid the zombies along the way.